Welcome to Kim's In the Mix!

Chef Kim Cabbagestalk and her mother, Andre ("Mom") Cabbagestalk.
Some folks say it's as good as Sylvia's in Harlem, but Kim's In The Mix restaurant and dessert cafe in Rahway, New Jersey has an award-winning flavor all its own. 

They specialize in authentic southern cuisine as well as homemade cakes and pies, and like Sylvia's and Sweetie Pie's, they're a family-owned business with Kim Cabbagestalk back in the kitchen cooking and her mother, Andre ("Mom") in front welcoming customers with a warm smile and menu.

Located on the corner of Irving Street and 221 West Main Street in the heart of Rahway's emerging arts district. The atmosphere has a casual elegance, with a menu of real down home Southern fare, everything from pulled pork sandwiches, mac and cheese to deep fried chicken or fish and oxtails in red gravy.

When asked if she cooks other kinds of cuisines besides soul food Miss Kim says, "In our catering fare, we offer a large variety of dishes because I believe that all food is soul food if it comes from the heart."

There are no preservatives used and the prices are reasonable considering the ingredients, time and care that go into preparing all their signature entrees and desserts. While there is a prepared menu, Miss Kim likes to be spontaneous and often posts some new dishes and desserts on the blackboard."Everybody knows we don't serve fast food here, this is good food, so our guests don't mind waiting for Kim to whip up something special for them from scratch," says Mom.

Thursday 11 am ~ 8 pm
Friday & Saturday 11 am ~ 10 pm
Sunday 11 am ~ 8 pm
(Grandma's Sunday Brunch 11 am - 3 pm)
CLOSED: Monday ~ Wednesday

"We will ABSOLUTELY be returning to this charming little piece of the South!" on YELP

Kim's is a shining example of how a good neighborhood restaurant is SUPPOSED to be. Warm, homey, and reasonably priced, but the Southern-style breakfast my family & I had here this past Sunday was unsurpassed. 

The Sunday Brunch special is offered with choices like Chicken & Waffles, Fried Whiting & Grits, Eggs & Bacon, as well as others, served up with two sides like Smothered Potatoes, Biscuits or Cornbread, Fried Apples, etc. (or you can get ALL the brunch choices offered for a bit more $ as well). Within a few minutes, our meals were brought out, hot & absolutely delicious.

I may be biased, but I am a Southern/Soul food junkie and I certainly know when I find the "real deal" and this folks, is it. Everything was perfect. Our eggs were nicely cooked, the Smothered Potatoes were thinly sliced, had a scattering of sweet sauteed onions and were not at all greasy, the pork bacon I had (they have a choice of beef, pork & turkey) was thick-cut and cooked to perfection in my opinion, and the Biscuit…

Well, this biscuit needs it's own review since it was perfect. Tender, baked golden on top, it looks like any other biscuit, but once you taste it (with the homemade butter that is served with it, which to me is a really nice touch), you'll know what I'm talking about. 

The Fried Apples were concentrated yumm-i-ness, which is why I suppose it was a small portion, but a bigger serving would not have been turned down by us either :). I also had their superb "Uptown", which is half Sweet Tea & half Lemonade, and with that glass, I was instantaneously transported back to the South, were I spent a few weeks this past summer.

We also got some of their homemade cakes slices to bring to my parents which were delicious as well (Chocolate/Yellow Cake, Pineapple/Coconut Cake & Apple & Pecan Cobbler (which waits for me in the fridge). 

We will ABSOLUTELY be returning to this charming little piece of the South. Very soon. 

"Seriously the absolute best thing I have ever eaten in my whole entire life!" on YELP

Every time I take a bite of the banana pudding from Kim's I think to myself, "This is seriously the absolute best thing I have ever eaten in my whole entire life" - the rest of the food and people that work there are great too, but man oh man that banana pudding is something else. 

"Definitely worth the calories!" on YELP

I was here with my husband last Saturday and the food was sooo.... good.  We had the fried shrimp to start.  I had the fried chicken and waffles with candied yams and cornbread (i had a sweet tooth that day) and my husband had the fried chicken breast with steak fries (kinda thin for steak fries but they were good) and cornbread.  I really liked how the chicken was just floured and fried and wasn't covered with a bunch of fried batter. We then had a piece of bean pie and banana bread pudding for dessert..  I think I liked the bean pie better but they were both good.  The bean pie has a a nice mildly sweet flavor. This place is definitely worth the calories. 

"Excellent hush puppies, mashed potatoes, and grilled chicken!" on YELP

This place is definitely a hidden Gem in the middle of Rahway Center.  It's probably the best southern food joint in all of Union County.  There wasn't a long wait for the food and when we ate there on a Saturday afternoon, the place was empty.  I guess we beat the dinner crowd.  They have excellent hush puppies, mashed potatoes, and grilled chicken.  The ONLY thing I didn't care for much was the Mac N' Cheese.......it was very dry and bland tasting, hardly any cheese.  Otherwise, this place is a winner and I will definitely return again.  I wouldn't say it's cheap, but their prices are definitely reasonable.  You can get a meal with 2 sides for about $11 and up.  Check it out!

"Great selection of inventive desserts" on YELP

Kim's In the Mix is a great place for home-cooked soul/southern food. We've had the pulled pork, chicken fried steak, mac and cheese.  Great sides - the mashed potatoes are really good. Also, there's a great selection of inventive desserts arrayed in cake plated across the counter - Wedding cake, red velvet cake, butter poundcake, bean pie and more. We've tried the bean pie (really different but delish), red velvet and amaretto poundcake. Plus, they've got specialty ice creams such as red velvet.  It's a cozy dining spot great for couples or families. You are missing a real treat if you haven't been there. 

SUPERPAGES says, "The best soul food in NJ."

Food was excellent went there on my lunch break and didn't want to go back to work:) the owner was very sweet not to mention the carrot cake I took to go was on the money will be def returning

This is one of the best restaurants around very very clean the owner a lovely person the food is off the hook oxtails, corn pudding, fish, corn bread, wow. race to their breakfast and brunch man its all that, they will be around a long time they keep this up, waiting time varies' call it as it is man it's pure cooking up in there. Thumbs up!

The food is good and affordable. It has a nice homey comfortable feel to the place and the owner is very nice sweet lady. You must try the pork chop sandwich that is smothered in gravy....yum!

Kim's In the Mix resturant is very clean, nice and affordable. Food is good, cooked fresh as you wait.

"Pulled pork so good I could cry!" on FOURSQUARE!

Cute little place with nice ambiance ... great food, services ... Lil pricey, but worth it!

The best breakfast ever!
Whyyyy have I never come here???? 

Pulled pork so good I could cry !! Wow.

The sweet and sexy chicken breast 
is amazing!

"Best tasting home cooked soul food since I was a kid!" on URBANSPOON!

Kim's in the Mix is a great place for home-cooked soul/southern food. Open for lunch and dinner, it offers a mix of hot sandwiches and delicious dinners and more. Plus the homemade desserts are out this world - Wedding cake, red velvet cake, butter poundcake, bean pie and more. It's a cozy dining spot great for couples or families. You are missing a real treat if you haven't been there.

This is some of the best tasting home cooked soul food since I was a kid it takes you way back to your grandmother cooking you get plenty of food the price is right the atmoygsphere is to die for it would be extremely romantic or it could be very family friendly I would highly recommend this place to all of my friends and family this is a must if you want the see if you looking for this is a place to go ... make sure wanna come back for more. 

"A refreshing glass of mango infused lemon-aid, deeelish!" on YELP

Mango and Lemon Lemonade

A quaint corner restaurant located in the Rahway Arts district, Kim's In the Mix offers a variety of southern staples along with a tantalizing selection of homemade desserts.  

The d├ęcor is simple and cheerful, inviting you to feel completely at home while sipping on a refreshing glass of mango infused lemon-aid, deeelish!  

Dish portions are ample but be prepared to wait (patiently) since food is made to order.  For dinner we had the chicken fried steak and chicken with waffles; both were equally tasty.  For sides we tried the green beans, collards, potato salad and hush puppies. 

Since the desserts are carefully placed along the counter enticing you while you wait for dinner, you cannot help but save some room (excellent marketing placement).  The bean pie, although good, was a little gritty but not certain if that's common and the banana pudding was delicious.  The staff is very personable and friendly which makes for an enjoyable evening; we will certainly be back for their Sunday brunch experience! 

"You better come hungry for brunch!" on YELP

Brunch is also an experience, fried whiting, chicken and waffles, best grits in NJ (I know it's not saying much, but they are good), and it just goes on and on, you better come hungry for brunch. The rest of the menu is good from what I've tried.  

But it's those desserts that make you want to come back again and again. A friendly family run business.

"OMG it was absolutely delicious" on Yelp

Kim's Pulled Pork Sandwich
My sister found this little gem when looking on-line for a place to have lunch following a show at the Union County PAC.  Upon entering it is bright, cheery and spotless. 

There were 5 of us in our group ranging in age form 12 to 70.  We all ordered different menu items and were all happy with what we had.  I ordered a Granny Burger which was described as having cheddar cheese, fried onions, mashed potatoes and gravy. Not being a huge fan of mashed potatoes and gravy when I placed my order I asked they hold the mashed potatoes and gravy...they didn't do as asked and boy I was I happy they didn't.  

I thought the mashed potatoes would be served as a side with the burger but instead they were right on top of the burger and infused with the fried onions and then the gravy was a white gravy that was poured over the entire thing. 

I didn't quite know what to make of it but figured what the heck let me try it. OMG it was absolutely delicious. My sister had pulled pork which was served on fried cornbread which she found to be equally good and my 12 year old great niece said that her Swiss cheese burger was the best she's had in her life."OMG it was absolutely delicious"